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Ikove Capital Social Graphics

Ikove is a venture development company founded to grow early-stage investments, with a focus on disruptive technology. As a creative manager at Ikove Capital, I owned our social media content and created graphics for our LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram profiles. Starting almost from scratch, I managed our interactions on each platform and created a consistent schedule of posts that built our following to almost 2,000 users across all platforms. Ikove's social posts each fell into one of the following categories: advertising our portfolio companies, promoting upcoming events, thought leadership, and staff recognition. Below are some graphic samples from these posts.

Ikove branded posts

alpha week-61.png
nursery model-23.png
ivp social media content-10.png
grant writing intern.png
portfolio companies.png
vc fundraising.png
central ohio.png
ikove in the midwest.png

Portfolio company posts

cognovi political graphic twitter-07.png
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