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Ohio Realtors Social Graphics

Ohio Realtors is the state's largest professional trade association and is the leading voice for real estate and private property rights for their 35,000 members. I started working with Ohio Realtors in 2020 producing social media graphics to promote various events or visualize their market research. Below are a few examples of social media assets we've created together.


Housing Survey Infographics

Ohio Realtors conducted a survey across multiple demographics of Ohio citizens in order to anticipate trends in the housing market. After compiling their results, they tasked me with designing branded infographics for social media. I created a series of different approaches to visualize the data, which included different charts and iconography. Some examples can be seen here.

Channels: Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn

inaugural ceremony.jpg
mls forum.jpg
the color of law.jpg

2020 Winter Conference Graphics

For the Ohio Realtors annual winter conference, I created a series of graphics highlighting keynote speakers and featured events in the conference lineup. The conference utilized its own brand identity seperate but still similar to the core Ohio Realtors brand. However, there were also opportunities for unique graphics for one-off events (ex: the bourbon tasting). Some examples of each type of graphic can be seen here.​

Channels: Instagram and Facebook


2020 Virtual Convention

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ohio Realtors pivoted to have their 2020 annual conference virtually. I assisted in developing the social graphics to promote this event and its keynote speakers. These posts more directly aligned with the core Ohio Realtors brand, but utilized a 20/20 vision logo specific to the event. Some examples of these graphics can be seen here.​

Channels: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and email

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