Genius 3 Digital Campaign

This campaign was a new product launch from Cardinal Health: the Genius 3 Tympanic Thermometer. The initial ask for the campaign was to brainstorm messaging that incorporated the existing Genius brand, while distancing the new product from Genius 1 and 2, as those had received negative feedback from customers.


While collaborating with a copywriter on campaign messaging, I created the "new face of genius" tagline. This tagline works from two perspectives: First, for those who had used the Genius 1 and 2 thermometers, it was ensuring that this new product would be different from their previous experiences with the brand. Second, for those who were unfamiliar with the brand, it just appears as a clever play on words for a new product launch. The campaign graphics took two directions visually: either utilizing product or patient imagery (see below).

Initial concepts

Final campaign graphics

Benchmark engagement: 0.5% | Campaign engagement: 1.44%

Benchmark CTR: 0.43% | Campaign CTR: 0.56%

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