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ParaGen Technologies

ParaGen Technologies is a med-tech company that is the parent of a family of companies focused on diverse clinical areas. ParaGen currently has three main portfolio companies: Vascular Genesis, Atreon Orthopedics, and RenovoDerm.

I designed the brand identity for ParaGen and worked with the existing branding of the individual portfolio companies to create marketing material, signage, and packaging.

ParaGen Technologies Website

Medical Products

Each ParaGen company has a featured product: Atreon has the Atlas Scaffold, Vascular Genesis has Hydra, and Renovoderm has the Phoenix Wound Matrix. The brand of these products reflect their respective companies, and the packaging for the products carries these brand elements as well. Samples of packaging I've created for each product can be found below.

RenovoDerm Instagram

Vascular Genesis Instagram

Atreon Instagram

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